Who is Liz?

Liz Petrillo helps buyers and sellers excel in their real estate transactions with the attentive service and thorough education she provides. Believing that knowledge is power when undergoing one of the greatest financial endeavors in one’s life, Liz strives to make every step in the purchase or sale of a home seamless, stress-free, and most of all successful.

Born on Long Island, NY, Liz’s intrigue with real estate began when she moved in high school to Lafayette, LA, though she chose another path before ultimately “finding herself” in residential sales. After earning her degree in Sociology from George Washington University in D.C., she pursued a career in the social work field, plus worked with autistic children and recently has volunteered in her children’s Seattle elementary school. Prior to applying her strong service ethic, patience and people skills to real estate in 1997, she helped managed the popular Rock Bottom Brewery in Boulder, CO, Chicago, IL and downtown Seattle.

Having lived in various states, Liz has always tried to make wherever she settled feel like home, not just a place to live. It’s this same feeling of belonging and contentment she seeks for her clients, who continually rely on her expertise to find them the single-family home, townhome or condo that best suits their needs.

The mother of two children, Liz particularly understands the needs of growing families. She enjoys life on Queen Anne where she specializes as a neighborhood expert, and forges deep connections within her community. Her professional experience is complemented by a fresh, casual approach that transcends all ages, making clients in all stages of life feel comfortable and confident in her abilities.

After more than a decade matching buyers to the right homes and helping sellers market their properties, Liz has been rewarded with repeat business and enthusiastic referrals – her greatest compliments of all. Her organized approach, seasoned market knowledge, and caring way of doing business endear her to clients, and keep them returning for years.

Client Testimonials

“Liz helped me buy my first home. I was recently divorced and really wanted to find a home where I would feel safe, comfortable and capable of starting a new life. I didn't have a lot of money and the real estate market was ridiculously hot, with almost no starter home inventory and crazy bidding wars. Liz searched from Edmonds to Renton for me. With her help I bought that gem in a matter of a day or two. That was four years ago and I now am raising a family in the house that Liz landed for me. I am grateful every day for my home and think that it was due to Liz's experience, tenacity, and willingness to try everything that made it possible for me to have this wonderful home. She took exceptionally good care of me”…Jessica Colinares client since 2004.

“The thing that most impressed me was your absolute patience in showing us so many houses until we found the one that best suited our needs”…Terrie Klinger, client since 2002.

“Liz worked tirelessly to find the right home for me. She always pre-screened homes, saving me valuable time, and she had a great sense of what I was looking for. I would use her again in a heartbeat”…Jennifer Waller, client since 2000.

“Liz really understood what I valued as a client, which led to a great experience working with her. She was hardworking, personable, and really bent over backwards to involve me in every step of the process”…Brandon Ebel, client since 1998.

“Liz was amazingly dedicated and persistent in making continual attempts to contact hard to reach sellers in helping us buy our home in 2003. She gave us real and unbiased advice to help us make our decision to buy a fixer upper home”…Ellen Marson, client since 2003.

"I have worked with Liz for ten years and what I appreciate most about her is her flexibility, patience, and true knowledge of the market at any given point in time. Our family has bought and sold in a variety of market conditions, and it pays to have someone on our side who understands what those conditions mean to our situation”…Nicole Ferrar, client since 1998.

“I’ve worked with Liz since 2001, when I bought my first condo. Since then I have sold that home and purchased a new one—all with the help of Liz. Through out the process, it is Liz’s down-to-earth, non-pushy, and completely supportive help that leads to great success. Looking for a house with Liz is fun! Liz is also professional and hard-working on the business side of the transaction creating a situation that is easy with low stress for me.”…Jessica Sommer, client since 2001.